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Saturday afternoon.

“In the United States, the advertising and public relations industry is huge. Back in the more honest days, they called it propaganda. Now the term doesn’t sound nice, so it’s not used anymore, but it’s basically a huge propaganda system which is designed very extensively for quite specific purposes. First of all, it has to undermine markets by trying to create irrational, uninformed consumers who will make irrational choices. That’s what advertising is about, the opposite of what a market is supposed to be, and anybody who turns on a television set can see that for themselves. It has to do with monopolization and product differentiation, all sorts of things, but the point is that you have to drive the population to irrational consumption, which does separate them from one another.”
Noam Chomsky (via azspot)

(via azspot)

at French Concession, Shanghai

Lone survivor. #shanghai (at Old City of Shanghai)


HSBC ad campaign by Jing Zhang betype:

HSBC ad campaign by Jing Zhang betype:

HSBC ad campaign by Jing Zhang betype:

HSBC ad campaign by Jing Zhang betype:

HSBC ad campaign by Jing Zhang




People will say, “There are a million ways to shoot a scene”, but I don’t think so. I think there’re two, maybe. And the other one is wrong.”

David Fincher is perhaps the greatest living director - and I’m well aware of who I’m comparing him to by saying that. This video shows you why.

I have been on tumblr since 1989 and this is the boldest statement ever published on this site.

"And he’ll show us the inside of someone’s fridge."

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at 1933老場坊

What a day. #f5 #pista #shanghai #strangerdanger

Prime Gradient. #latergram #nofilter #shanghai

“You know, an idea is just an idea. There seems to…the kind of epiphanies that you have, like the little sudden bursts of light, they’re very small and they’re very short and it’s the pursuit of the idea that’s the important thing. I know a lot of people who have way better ideas than I do that - much more frequently than I do that just can’t sit down and actually do it. Ideas are such are a little overrated really; it’s the work behind the idea that’s the important thing.”
— Nick Cave -  20,000 days on Earth  (via thymcqueen)

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Golden Week continues.